Top Bloodborne Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Top Bloodborne Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Bloodborne is a new PS4 sensation. Many gamers are playing and trying hard for survival. It is really hard to survive in this game. I am here with the top bloodborne tips and tricks for beginners which will help to achieve the best performance and also to enhance your gaming experience.

Read further and get the bloodborne secrets:

1) Die in the beginning:

When you begin the game, you will have to face Lycanthrope. Beware of it because as you start your journey, you’ll awaken unarmed in front of it. Get ready to be surprised and don’t fear death, because you won’t be able to reach Hunter’s dream until kicking the bucket.

2) Always read everything:

The last death was the first death of yours! Confused? I want to warn you that you should get habituated with dying. You will be killed many, many times, during the game.

When you reach Hunter’s dream, the very first scenario you will see is your headquarters in Bloodborne. As you are a beginner, many pop up tips will come up. You must read Bloodborne leveling guide as it will help you a lot to cross the level.

3) Choose the best weapon:

Now it’s time that you decide weapons for yourself. In Bloodborne, you have options of three melee weapons. You need to choose wisely. The weapons are Saw Cleaver, Hunter Axe, and Threaded Cane.

Each weapon is different and useful in adverse situations, but gamers suggest to have Saw Cleaver in the beginning because comparatively, it is the most balanced weapon. You can also choose handgun or shotgun.

4)  Believe Yourself:

You can do it. It’s okay if you die a lot. It is the system of the game. Just focus on a background strength, skill, and vitality. Two advisable picks are – Trouble Past and Military Veteran. Keep believing and go forward.

5) Lycanthrope revenge:

Now as you have weapons and you are ready to fight, you should take your revenge on the Lycanthrope. Lycanthrope is a fast creature so you should make quick melee attacks. It will be the best tactic for you. After that, you can go for your first fight.

6) Be aggressive!

There is no other way to survive in this game. You have to be aggressive. Bloodborne rewards aggression. Swing your weapons without fear and cut the monsters or slice them apart.

7) Helpful Lanterns:

Here, lanterns are more useful than just emitting light in this game. It’s a Bloodborne secret that Lanterns are also used as checkpoints and can transport you to Hunter’s Dream.

8) Frequent visit to Hunter’s Dream:

Explore Hunter’s dream regularly, because you are going to miss something always, whether you believe it or not. There are many areas which a gamer may not notice at first. Go often and always try some new areas.

9) Keep your eyes and ears open:

If you ever get a question how to level up Bloodborne, this is the key to success. There are plenty of secrets in this game. Even there are lots of areas which you may miss if you are not focused. Check every corner to find the hidden paths. Try your luck and take chances.

10) Keep updating weapons:

This is a very useful tip. If you want to defeat Bloodborne, never forget to repair or upgrade your weapons after a certain period. And yes, here a Bloodborne secret is – the more you attack, your weapons will be intact with less damage.

11) Avoid fighting with two enemies at one time:

If you have no other way than fighting with two enemies at the same time, you can (and have to!) go for it, but if it is not necessary – never fight! Just because those massive creatures have placed side by side, that is not compulsory to fight with them simultaneously.

12) Defeating boss:

Try to find and get as much armor as possible. Before the boss encounter, buy or pick some armors, because this game is not the game of shields. You should stay back at first and always notice the transformation of the boss. You can also call someone to help you if you stuck at some particular point and had no clue of fighting with the boss.

Apart from these, there are few other tips to level up Bloodborne like,

  •    You should turn the volume down to focus more,
  •    Keep calm and notice the boss’s pattern so that you can beat them,
  •    Playing online is preferable, with charged controller to avoid pauses,
  •    You should pick everything; even you have enough bullets or health vials,
  •    Trust notes, but also trust your guts and follow accordingly, etc.

I hope these tips and tricks are helpful for you and you can survive in the Bloodborne. You can check the review of this game on New York Daily NewsAll the very best! Save, protect, pick, take, fight, and survive!

Raissa Araujo

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