Skyforge Review: Is it Worth Playing or Not?

Skyforge Review- Is it Worth Playing or Not-

Skyforge is an MMORPG which is a high-featured, stylish, exciting, and dynamic combat game which was made with the inspiration of console action games. While there are a few MMOPRGs are of worth playing, one serious gamer can ask a question that it Skyforge worth playing or not. Let’s check this in this article below.

Skyforge Review

Skyforge was launched in July 2015. It was developed by Obsidian Entertainment and Allods Team. The initial release was for PC users, but the company is launching its PlayStation version in the springs. We have checked the game’s beta version, and it made us pleasantly surprised. We want a certain confirmation about the attention holding of this game beyond the normal game playing hours, and so we researched for the user reviews and checked them to see whether Skyforge is good and worth playing or not.

Features of Skyforge

  • You can develop to a full-powered God from a newly baptized immortal.
  • The Ascension Atlas allows you to grow your level in the game and switch to higher classes.
  • There are thirteen different classes offer a unique experience to everyone.
  • You can join the Pantheon army and fight against never ending Aelion forces to secure the future of your kind.
  • Though you play Skyforge for dozens of hours, you will relearn the game again if game’s progression like currency or the overall usability and playing changes. And this a worth notable thing.
  • Every upgrade to next level gives some instinctive experience to the gamer understanding.

Is Skyforge good or not?

Like many other F2P MMO games, Skyforge also had too many different currencies. But it has made this simpler a lot. After its launch, the Skyforge has improved a lot in the two year’s span. Not only with the graphical overhauls incorporated in the game, but with its productive update. New battle systems, solo and group adventures, campaigns, added classes, quests in open worlds, etc. add nothing but the more enjoying and new experience at each moment of the gameplay. Overall, it is a good game to spend some weekend hours.

Skyforge rating

Based on the survey made by different users who have played Skyforge for a good amount of time, we have analyzed the rating* of Skyforge as shown in the below table.

Rating Category

Avg. User Rating



















Is Skyforge free?

Skyforge is a multiplayer online action game which is developed by Allods Team and Obsidian Entertainment. It is a completely free-to-play third-person game.

Is Skyforge worth playing or not?

Skyforge allows to play only one role per account. So you should be choosy to select your role-play in the game. With the Ascension, Skyforge has surely improved a lot. Though there are scope of improvements even after the full PS4 release and the ‘new user experience’ is unpredictable due to its role-playing and other limitations, we can overall say that the Skyforge is an enjoyable, action-focused, and worth playing MMO game.

* – Ratings can be changed as per the user experience and increase in number of users

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