How You Can Find Lost Dogmeat in Fallout 4

How You Can Find Lost Dogmeat in Fallout 4 (1)

If your Dogmeat is lost or even someone else and you are unable to find all of them or your Dogmeat at your sent places, it might be possible that you did something wrong. Maybe, mistakenly, you have clicked on the nearby settlements! And if everything is okay, then you should try at your very first place you met in the beginning. When your dog has not given the instruction where to go, and your Dogmeat disappeared in Fallout 4, he is surely going to meet you at his default place. More options of dogmeat’s home have been given in the Fallout 4. Let’s check How You Can Find Lost Dogmeat in Fallout 4.

Dogmeat is fast and small and doesn’t get away just by his wish if you are within 50 yards. There are certain places in the game story where you can find your Dogmeat, and where he can go missing. It can be anywhere, behind the walls, or some old car, or on the farm behind the fences.

You can use your Dogmeat, and give a chance to him. Maybe he has senses to track the scent. It is preferable to find him more clues. Otherwise, he will be distant from you, and you can lose him again.

Sometimes, one of your companions also can dismiss your other partner including Dogmeat. And it will be up to you and your ability if you can tell that dismissed companion where you will meet him or where he should return! So just think that where does Dogmeat go in Fallout 4? And then, first of all, try to go where you first met! Then try other places!

When you reach your default place, watch around. He can be anywhere at that big radius, which you had already seen and visited when you were with the Dogmeat, so it may take you some time to look for him. If you have built a doghouse, first take a look over there. Maybe your lost Dogmeat is resting there, at the Red Rocket Gas Station.

Keep in mind that sometimes Dogmeat can take a little more time than you. Dogmeat takes time to walk from one place to another or can be caught by the enemies on the way. If your eyes are not on him, he can be lost again.

It is not easy to find your Dogmeat when your other companions have sent him to some different location and without the proper instruction. Even if you know that he is only there where you have sent him, still sometimes you have to struggle to find him. As he is small and quite as well as brown, he is not easily recognizable!

Fallout 4 lost Dogmeat:

He can be at wasteland or Sanctuary Hills anywhere, so you have to check all the places until you find him, as a Dogmeat even cannot stay in one place, he also can roam around the settlement, so you have to check kennels again and again until you locate him. You also can find it next to Power Armor Station or your workshop.

If you enter the Sanctuary Hills from the bridge, enter the first house on the left side road and check its back garden. Left corner of the garden in the deep back, you will find the dog house, near the fence.

You should also check the third blue house. The red car is the clue for that.

At last, you should try to find your Dogmeat by crossing the bridge and far away from going further; you can take a chance to find in the last house!


If after trying hard for your disappeared Dogmeat, you are unable to find your companions or your Dogmeat, at last, if you get extremely irritated you can build a bell. Make a bell and give it a solid push. As after that act, everyone will come running from the settlement, your Dogmeat will also come. It will become a bit annoying that you have misguided all of them for no reason and without the threat of attack! But it’s quite okay as you are getting your companion with this act.


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