Top 5 Strongest Melee Weapon in Fallout 4

Top 5 Strongest Melee Weapon in Fallout 4 (1)

In survival games, Melee games are very useful. The Fallout 4 is a role-playing title set in a post-apocalyptic world. In the entire game, it is one of the most important components. It is essential in Fallout 4 to have a melee weapon in your inventory. If you need reliability, then they can provide you great help. I would like to discuss the top five strongest Melee Weapon in Fallout 4 so here is the list –

  1. Pickman’s Blade – It has very high attack speed and is very light. The sneak attack bonus for 25 damage and 25 points of bleed damage makes the total of 50. It is fallout 4 best melee weapon.
  2. Kremvh’s tooth – It is the unique machete variant and has the highest base damage. To different machete it can be transferred You can attach the mod to the legendary machete fallout 4 which would create powerful melee weapon. In the entire game, it can be the strongest melee weapon in fallout 4.
  3. General Chao’s Revenge – It is the easily accessible melee weapon. It is very useful at the time of trouble facing assault rons as it deals with 50% more damage to robots. It looks like 8th and 10th entries.
  4. Grognak’s Axe – It is a powerful melee weapon that Grognak uses in the comics. It causes your opponent to lurch and bleed. In VATS, it has reduced AP usage. It is very high in the list as it can have twice as many swings as compare to other melee weapons. It is the strongest melee weapon in fallout 4. This Chinese sword is one of the fallout 4 fast melee weapons.
  5. Super Sledge – It has a chance to stun and can be upgraded to have electrical damage so we can consider it a brilliant melee weapon. The sledge has good range and deals with tons of damage. It has the 2nd highest base damage.


If you are a passionate gamer and love the Fallout 4, then you will also love this post on the top 5 strongest melee weapon in Fallout 4.

You will get an idea about fallout 4 best melee weapon from the list. It would be great if you include melee as a backup. In hand-to-hand combat melee weapons are used. You can use the spear as the melee weapon that works well in most situations and requires little training. Even mace can be used as a melee weapon. It has shorter range but requires no training. You can assume as if you exclude proper shield use and guard yourself by mace-keeping while attacking in a different manner. All the melee weapons have different techniques connected with them.

The balance between range lethality, protection, and mobility changes then melee weapons are used. If you combine the play style with a melee weapon, then you can really improve your efficiency. When you have to deal with ammo scarcity all over the adventure then melee weapons are proved very useful in survival games. There are many good melee weapon in fallout 4 but I have discussed only top 5 with you. I hope you will gain knowledge by reading the above mentioned top 5 melee weapons in fallout 4.

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